Assa Abloy increases the storage capacity of its warehouse for locks

Assa Abloy increases the storage capacity of its warehouse for locks

Tesa, Medeco, Securitron and Hes are among the many security solution brands in this warehouse


Mecalux has equipped the new ASSA ABLOY warehouse, the intelligent lock and security solution company, with pallet racks. This solution attains a storage capacity of more than 6,400 pallets of diverse sizes, weights and rotations.


The ASSA ABLOY Group is a multinational created in 1994 from the merger of two huge security solution companies: Assa from Sweden and Abloy from Finland. To date, the firm has become the main supplier of intelligent lock and access control systems for building in Europe, North America and Asia.


The needs of ASSA ABLOY

The security sector has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The ASSA ABLOY Group is part of this growth with its ever-expanding product catalogue. Now, it carries more than 100 brands like Yale, Phillips, Tesa, Medeco and Securitron that manufacture mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic locks for security doors.

The company has always depended on Mecalux to develop its new, logistics improving projects. So, its latest objective is to strength business growth in Latin America, which is exactly why it needed a warehouse in Tultitlán (State of Mexico) to accommodate SKUs of various sizes and rotations.


The solution: pallet racking

Mecalux has fitted out the new ASSA ABLOY warehouse in Mexico with ten double-deep pallet racks and one 7 m high single-deep rack. These racks are 63 m long, except two which measure 27 m in length. Overall, they provide a storage capacity of 6,480 pallets.

Most of the aisleways running between the racks are little more than 3 m wide. This manoeuvring space for the handling equipment facilitates the insertion and extraction of goods from their locations. Electric pallet trucks and forklifts are the main means of carrying out storage tasks in this warehouse.

Workers prepare around 500 orders a day, from 1,300 different product lines. These items are picked from the lower levels of the pallet racks. To do so, operators follow the instructions sent to their handheld RF devices, which are used to locate the SKUs for each order. The direct access to goods provided by the pallet racks notably speeds up order prep.


Advantages for ASSA ABLOY

  • High storage capacity: the ASSA ABLOY warehouse provides a storage capacity of 6,480 pallets.
  • Flexibility: the pallet racks are designed to house loads of different sizes, weights, shapes and rotations.
  • Direct access to goods: the operators get full access to all products in the warehouse, streamlining picking tasks.
The new ASSA ABLOY warehouse
Storage capacity: 6,480 pallets
Pallet size: 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 800 kg
Racking height: 7 m
Racking length: 86 m

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