Pallet racks with picking levels facilitate the just-in-time production method of the chief French lamp manufacturer

Pallet racks with picking levels facilitate the just-in-time production method of the chief French lamp manufacturer

The French manufacturer Corep brings together storage and picking thanks to pallets racks


Corep, a principal light fixture manufacturer, has a warehouse that is sectored and equipped with pallet racking in its production centre in Bègles (France). The installation, which provides a capacity of more than 14,200 pallets, has a zone reserved for future expansion.

About Corep
Founded in 1970, Corep is currently the main French decorative lamp manufacturer with around a 30% market share. The company sells a full range of table lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall lights, bulbs and all sorts of general lighting products.

Over the last 40 years, its variety of products, vast distribution network and carefully chosen style have made it the market leader in décor lighting in France. Its primary production centre, located in Bègles (France), stretches out over 17,000 m2 and includes a fully automated factory able to produce close to 10,000 lampshades per day by applying the just-in-time production methods.

An extendible sectored warehouse

The Corep warehouse is composed of two storage installations connected via a sectoring door, which facilitates the flow of the handling equipment moving the goods.

A 2,400 m2 space is allocated to a possible extension in warehouse installation 2 as required by Corep’s logistics needs.


Pallet racking

Both installations were equipped with 9 m high, 55 m long pallet racking. Depending on the volume of the stored goods, the racks have 5 or 6 load levels.

Installation 1, with 15 double-depth and two single-depth racks, has a 9,314 pallet capacity. Meanwhile, installation 2, with 8 double-depth and one single-depth racks, stores 4,906 pallets.

Pallet racks give direct access and adapt to any type of unit load, no matter its size. This way, warehoused stock can be managed and controlled at greater speeds. Personal operate reach trucks to insert and extract the goods in the racking.

Picking very small items
Picking is done directly off the pallets in the lower rack levels, storing product reserves on upper levels.

Moreover, a rack specifically for picking was arranged beside the consolidation zone. These racking levels are fitted out with slotted shelves that suit unboxed small-sized products.

Reception and dispatch
In front of the racks, a spacious reception and expedition area has been enabled, which includes a preloads area on the floor where the goods are prepared for their subsequent distribution.

Pallets for the same order, route or shipping carrier are grouped together. Orders are consolidated before the lorry is loaded to cut wait times for goods leaving the warehouse.

Pre-assembly zone
In this zone, operators pre-assemble lamps and lights using all the necessary components. Conveyors bring the required components to the assembly stations.


Advantages for Corep

  • Top capacity: the installed racks make it possible to warehouse more than 14,200 pallets, exceeding the logistical needs of Corep.
  • Optimal logistics management: goods are sorted and stored in the corresponding area of the logistics centre, taking into account their size, turnover and features.
  • High throughput: direct access to the goods streamlines the management of SKUs and facilitates a massive flow of incoming and outgoing products.
  • Possible expansion: the installation has a space reserved for the placement of more racks when the company needs them further down the road.
Corep’s sectored warehouse
Storage capacity: 14,220 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 250 kg
Racking height: 9 m
Racking length: 55 m
Load levels: 4 or 5

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