The paintings distributor Pinturerías Rex has built a new store

The paintings distributor Pinturerías Rex has built a new store

The new distribution centre of Pinturerías Rex is dedicated to the preparation of orders

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The new distribution centre of Pinturerías Rex in San Martín, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), is designed to keep pace with the company’s logistics needs and expected growth. Mecalux installed pallet racks, whose direct access to goods streamlines picking work.

About Pinturerías Rex

Pinturerías Rex is an Argentinian company that was founded in 1979 and distributes a broad range of brand name paints. Known for delivering customer focused care, it goes the extra mile to find the best solution for each individual need it comes across.

This company is continually growing and has a forward-thinking business philosophy. Currently, it owns and operates more than 50 distribution outlets in the cities of Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Neuquén, Córdoba, Rosario and Santa Fe.


The distribution centre

Pinturerías Rex has built a brand new 7,165 m2 distribution centre in the town of San Martín (Argentina), which effectively addresses the provisioning of its national points of sales.

The company required a high throughput warehouse fulfilment system. A system capable of managing many different palletised SKUs and, at the same time, streamline storage and picking tasks.

With these requests in hand, Mecalux equipped the warehouse with pallet racking that, overall, provides a storage capacity of more than 11,600 pallets.

On one side of the centre, there is a sensitive products warehouse that also comprises pallet racks. One must go through a fire door to gain access to this area.

Pallet racking

Racks are 11.5 m high and stand out for their versatility storage of a wide range of SKUs. Moreover, easy access to the pallets translates into top speeds when managing the flow of goods and order prep, as well as optimal stock control.

SKUs are organised according to their characteristics, volumes, sizes and turnovers. Each worker is assigned a particular warehouse area where they prepare orders.

Reach trucks are used to deposit or extract pallets from the designated locations, as well as to replenish the lower storage levels with palletised goods.

Likewise, operators run high-reaching order pickers to pick items from top levels. This equipment includes a platform for the operator to stand on, which moves up or down with the load to the desired height.

The result is better visibility and manoeuvrability to collect order bound products.

Picking is also done directly from the pallets on lower levels with pallet trucks. Operators crisscross the warehouse locating the SKUs for each order, as instructed by the warehouse management software (WMS) via a radiofrequency device.

Dispatch zone

The warehouse features a broad preloads area on the ground floor where orders are given the final once over, and packaging, labelling and issuing of shipping documentations take place.

Pallets are then grouped by order and delivery routes, speeding up distribution vehicle loading and cutting down on outflowing goods being kept on hold.


Advantages for Pinturerías Rex

  • High storage capacity: pallet racks can house more than 11,600, 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets.
  • Fluid operations: direct access to products enables quicker picking operations.
  • Effective picking: accurate picking is carried out due to the goods being distributed by their characteristics and turnover.
The distribution centre of Pinturerías Rex
Storage capacity: 11,688 pallets
Pallet sizes: 1,000 x 1,200 x 500 mm / 1,000 x 1,200 x 1,100 mm
Max. pallet weight: 900 kg
Racking height: 11.5 m

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