INCASA boosts the storage capacity of its detergent warehouse

INCASA boosts the storage capacity of its detergent warehouse

A warehouse with drive-in racks for the cleaning chemicals of INCASA in Barcelona

INCASA (Industrias Català S.A.)

INCASA, a maker of cleaning products, owns and operates a warehouse in Barcelona composed of drive-in pallet racks by Mecalux. Overall, the racks provide a storage capacity of 4,824 pallets, suited to grow alongside the company.

Who is INCASA?

INCASA is one of the biggest detergent, personal care and cleaning product manufacturers of Europe. This company is ahead of the game through its constant investment in innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology in its production processes to improve the quality of its items.

In the last few years, it has expanded internationally. Besides Spain, it distributes its products in France, Italy, the UK, Portugal and Belgium. Faced with increased sales volume, the company has reorganised the layout of its Barcelona warehouse.

Drive-in pallet racking

Mecalux has set up blocks of drive-in pallet racks that occupy almost the entire warehouse surface area. This system maximises the available space to offer a storage capacity of 4,824 pallets.

Each block of racks is comprised of a set of 6 m tall lanes, with three levels equipped with support rails and pallet centralisers for the proper insertion of the loads.

Operators, driving counterbalanced forklifts, enter the inner lanes with the load raised above the level where it is going to be deposited. These machines are known for speedy slotting and unslotting of goods from their locations.

There are floor-level guide rails that assist the forklifts to enter and move inside lanes safely and centred. Likewise, the outer uprights have protectors that minimise accidental damage to the racks.

Advantages for INCASA

  • Storage capacity: the INCASA warehouse offers storage capacity for 4,824 pallets.
  • Space optimisation: the compact drive-in system makes full use of each and every millimetre of available floor space to achieve the required capacity.
  • Top safety: both the guide rails and the protectors are designed to stop potential blows to the rack structure and to streamline operator’s manoeuvres.
The INCASA warehouse in Barcelona
Storage capacity: 4,824 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 x 1,800 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,200 kg
Racking height: 6 m

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