A multi-client logistics operator achieves a capacity of 48,000 variable volume pallets and streamlines picking with a pallet racking solution

A multi-client logistics operator achieves a capacity of 48,000 variable volume pallets and streamlines picking with a pallet racking solution

The versatility of pallet racking speeds up operations at Carreras Grupo Logístico

Grupo Carreras

Carreras Grupo Logístico, one of the most renowned logistics operators in Spain, has renovated its warehouse located in a crucial transport hub near Barcelona with pallet racking, providing a storage capacity of 47,000 pallets. This solution installed by Mecalux facilitates the management of goods and streamlines order prep for more than 2,000 of its customers.

Logistical requirements

Carreras Grupo Logístico is the leading logistics operator in Spain and Portugal, with more than 35 warehouses across the country and a strong sales and operational structure serving much of Europe. The company needed a large capacity warehouse to deposit its customers' products, mainly specialised in consumer and industrial goods.

Mecalux was placed in charge of implementing this project in the municipality of Santa Oliva, close to Barcelona. The strategic location of the warehouse, which coincides with a major transport hub facilitates the distribution of its products throughout the Spanish territory.

Pallet racking

Mecalux has installed pallet racking meant to store palletised goods of a wide variety of different SKUs. This system meets the requirements of Carreras Grupo Logístico, because operators directly access the stored goods, expediting picking and stock control. In addition, the racks are suited to the different load units, weight and volume variables.

The handling equipment
Reach trucks are used when depositing pallets in designated locations, and replenishing the lower levels of the racks with palletised goods.

Operators perform the picking tasks using order preparation machines especially suitable for this operation. This equipment has a decisive advantage: it is possible to transport two pallets at once. On the slightly raised forks, a pallet is transported at the most ergonomic height so the operator can comfortably place the goods that make up part of the order. Orders that have already been completed are placed on the bottom skids.

Once completing the orders with the corresponding goods, operators move them to the consolidation area, set aside to fit out the pallets and prepare them for subsequent dispatch to the loading docks, located on the side of the warehouse.


Advantages for Carreras Grupo Logístico

  • Large storage capacity in a single centre: Carreras Grupo Logístico uses a single warehouse for storage with a capacity for 47,000 pallets of its customers' goods, with different features, weights and volumes.
  • Direct access to the goods: the pallet racking allows easy access to the deposited SKUs. They are versatile and adapt to the diverse goods of all the customers of the logistics group.
  • Maximum agility: the lower racking levels are set aside for picking operations and reserves are stored on upper levels; in other words, goods are always available.
The Carreras Grupo Logístico warehouse
Storage capacity: 47,000 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 9.5 m and 10.5 m

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