Pallet racking and racks on mobile bases store raw materials and finished products for a leading plastic packing manufacturer

Pallet racking and racks on mobile bases store raw materials and finished products for a leading plastic packing manufacturer

Cartolux-Thiers combine Movirack mobile racking and pallet racking to sort out different functions


Mecalux has supplied Cartolux-Thiers with pallet racking to deposit completed orders on and Moviracks on mobile bases allocated to the raw materials needed in their production process. With the combination of these solutions, the company who manufactures thermoformed packaging has obtained a storage capacity of more than 2,800 pallets.

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The French company Cartolux-Thiers is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, a technique that allows the shaping of plastic sheets by heat and molds.

These products are consumed in various industrial sectors such as cosmetics, electronics or within healthcare. This manufacturer requested the collaboration of Mecalux to find the best solution to deposit in the same warehouse all goods ready for dispatch and also the raw materials used daily in their manufacturing processes.

Pallet racking system

There are eight double and two central racks attached to the wall with a capacity for more than 1,800 pallets. The pallet racking system is suitable when storing a large number of pallets with many different SKUs, as is the case of Cartolux-Thiers.

The main advantage is its adaptability to any type of load, weight and volume variable. It is therefore a very useful solution for this company that manufactures different containers and plastic trays of many qualities and characteristics, depending on the industrial sector to which they are aimed.

The pallet racking allows direct access to all products, besides having aisles wide enough for the operators to handle the goods with agility, all served by reach trucks.

At the same time, Cartolux-Thiers benefits from having perfect stock control as each space is allocated to a particular pallet.

Movirack system

On one side of the warehouse, racks are placed on Movirack mobile bases to house more than 900 pallets weighing 800 kg.

These racks move autonomously sideways when the operator gives the order to open a working aisle.

The system incorporates control devices so that the movement of the racking is smooth and safe for both the goods and for the personnel who work there. A double safety barrier along the sides of the racks detects if an operator enters the open aisle, while a laser beam located on the mobile bases recognises the presence of objects inside. In addition, protective mesh is attached to the sides of the upper rack levels, which prevents the accidental fall of load units.

All levels have mesh shelves that act as rigidifying elements on which the very heavy pallets are deposited.

Advantages for Cartolux-Thiers

  • Boosted storage capacity: Moviracks on mobile bases duplicate the number of pallets stored compared to regular pallet racking.
  • Speedy operations: the pallet racking system and the Movirack units offer direct access to the goods stored, which allows the company to handle multiple SKUs quickly.
  • Maximum throughput: Cartolux-Thiers has made full use of the entire building with the installation of the two distinct storage systems that meet their logistics needs.
Pallet racking system
Storage capacity: 1,817 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. weight per pallet: 800 kg
Rack height: 9 m

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