Three warehousing systems classify the merchandise of dairy producer Bela Vista according to turnover in its Minas Gerais (Brazil) distribution centre

Three warehousing systems classify the merchandise of dairy producer Bela Vista according to turnover in its Minas Gerais (Brazil) distribution centre

Lacticínios Bela Vista organises its warehouse with pallet racks, drive-in racking and live pallet racks

Lacticínios Bela Vista

The Lacticínios Bela Vista company has purchased three different storage systems from Mecalux for its distribution centre in Minas Gerais (Brazil): drive-in pallet racking, pallet racking and live storage racks. The installation has a storage capacity of 6,320 pallets, the best fit to meet the expected growth rate.

About Lacticínos Bela Vista

The dairy company was founded in 1955 in Piracanjuba (Brazil), bestowing the city's name on its main brand.

Innovation and continuous development of new products are clear signs of the company's commitment to the health, wellness and dietary needs of its consumers. Growth within the enterprise and the expansion of its product portfolio have been non-stop. Currently, it carries more than 100 products, many of them very popular and among the best sellers in the country.


Needs and the solution

Lacticínios Bela Vista needed to expand their storage capacity with a new finished products warehouse, to cope with the increased sales achieved in recent years and to supply customers post-haste.

After an in-depth analysis of the enterprise's business requirements and the centre's potential, Mecalux proposed setting up three different storage systems to classify the goods according to demand:

  • Drive-in pallet racking.
  • Pallet racking.
  • Live racking.


Pallet racking
These racks are typified by their versatility in accommodating pallets of different sizes and turnovers, and for providing direct access. This furnishes flexibility in managing the goods and yields an all-round flawless stock control, as each location is set aside for a particular pallet.

Live racking
This high-density storage system maximises the available surface area, while delivering prime access to the unit loads.

Racks are made up of roller channels on a slight incline to let pallets slide forward via gravity.

In addition, this solution ensures spot-on product turnover by applying the FIFO method (first in, first out), i.e., the first pallet in is the first out.

Pallets are inserted into the loading aisle, slide to the other end and are ready for extraction. Thus, any interference between the two operations disappears.

Drive-in pallet racking
The three blocks of drive-in pallet racking occupy the greatest portion of the warehouse surface. Consumer products are housed herein, with a multitude of pallets per SKU.

The pallets rest on support rails made from extra strong, galvanised steel.

Operators, aided by reach truck, enter the inner lanes with the load perched above the level where it must be deposited. Both loading and unloading of the goods is performed in the same aisle, but in reverse.


Advantages for Lacticínios Bela Vista

  • Considerable storage capacity: the Laticínios Bela Vista storage facility has a warehousing capacity of 6,320 pallets.
  • Efficient service: the triple-facet storage system aims at classifying goods according to their turnover and organises operations. Catering to the needs of customers in a quicker fashion is the focal point.
Lacticínios Bela Vista warehouse in Brazil
Storage capacity: 6,320 pallets
Pallet size: 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,200 kg

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