The snack producer and distributor Lorenz Snack-World achieves a capacity for 6,560 pallets with pallet racking

The snack producer and distributor Lorenz Snack-World achieves a capacity for 6,560 pallets with pallet racking

Pallet racking in the warehouse Lorenz Snack-World owns in Poland

Lorenz Snack-World

Mecalux has supplied pallet racking with a capacity for 6,560 pallets in the warehouse that Lorenz Snack-World, a snack producer and distributor, owns in Skawina (Poland).

About Lorenz
Lorenz Snack-World is a German company dedicated to producing and distributing snacks in more than 80 countries around the world. The ingredients used during production are sustainable, and the containers in which their products are distributed are environment-friendly.

The company was created in 1889 by Hermann Bahlsen. For technological, geographical and product reasons, in 1999 the company was renamed the Lorenz Bahlzen Snack Group, led by Lorenz Bahlzen.

Based in Neu-Isenburg (Germany), the group currently employs around 2,500 personnel and has subsidiaries in Poland, Austria, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland and Iran. The production plants are located in Germany, Poland and Russia.


Pallet racking

The warehouse is composed of 15 pallet rack aisles that are 9 m high and four load levels. In the lower levels, the merchandise is deposited on the floor and, in some of these, picking is directly done from the pallets by order prep machines.

To handle the palletised merchandise on the upper levels, the operators use reach trucks.

A passageway has been opened through the central part of the warehouse that facilitates the movement of the operators and functions as the emergency exit. The aisle width makes it possible for two handling machines to circulate at the same time.

For greater safety, the uprights and frames of all the racks have been protected to absorb impacts produced by the handling equipment during the moving of unit loads.

Pallet racks are ideal for storing a variety of merchandise, due to its versatility and adaptability to any load type.

Moreover, pallet racks stand out for their direct access to all the products, which fuels storage tasks and provides perfect stock control, since each location is assigned a SKU.


Preloading area

The reception and dispatch of the merchandise take place in a space enabled between the loading docks and the pallet racks.

Pallets, sorted by shipping routes, are deposited on the warehouse floor while waiting to be loaded onto the lorry. Orders are prepared before the lorry is loaded to avoid wait times for goods flowing from the warehouse.


Advantages for Lorenz Snack-World

  • High storage capacity: the Lorenz Snack-World warehouse has the capacity to store 6,560 pallets.
  • Top throughput: pallet racks offer direct access to the merchandise, which provides greater speed when managing the goods and controlling stock.
Lorenz Snack-World warehouse
Storage capacity: 6,560 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 600 kg
Racking height: 9 m

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