The Brazilian cosmetics market leader expands the capacity of its Buenos Aires warehouse with pallet racks

The Brazilian cosmetics market leader expands the capacity of its Buenos Aires warehouse with pallet racks

Natura Cosméticos broadens it capacity and picking speeds with pallet racking

Natura Cosméticos

Mecalux has supplied Natura Cosméticos with 8 m high pallet racks where more than 18,000 pallet are stored. In this solution, the cosmetics manufacturer and distributor has increased both the storage capacity and the efficiency of its Tortuguitas (Buenos Aires) warehouse.

About Natura Cosméticos

Natura Cosméticos is a beauty and personal care product manufacturer and distributor in Brazil. The company, created in 1969, does business in seven South American countries and, starting in 2011, in France.

In Brazil, it is the industry leader in the cosmetics, perfume and personal care market, as well as in the direct sale sector. In 2004, Natura Cosméticos became a public company listed on the São Paulo stock exchange, the most prominent in Latin America.

Its business promotes and supports eco-friendly initiatives, using natural ingredients in products and fighting against greenhouse gas emissions.


Pallet racking solutions

The company needed a storage system that would permit a much more dynamic management of a significant amount of pallet and, also, direct picking from pallets.

The installed racks offer direct access to the stored goods, which make it an optimal solution for the needs of Natura Cosméticos.Plus, this system adapts to any unit load, regardless of its size.

The warehouse, with a capacity for 18,176 pallets of 1,000 x 1,200 mm and a maximum weight of 1,000 kg each, consists of 28 aisles of 63 m long pallet racks.

The 9.5 m high racks contain seven storage levels, with the first level on the ground floor. Operators work using reach trucks to insert and extract the goods in the racking.

For greater safety, protectors are placed on all rack uprights and frames that coincide with the bay ends and the inner passageway. All this is meant to minimise blows to the racks by the handling equipment during unit load manoeuvreing.

Picking from pallet racks
Box picking is carried out directly from the pallets, located on lower rack levels. Upper spaces store palletised reserves of each product.

Between the racks and the loading docks, a spacious reception and dispatch area has been arranged. It includes a preloads area on the floor and a conveyor circuit where it is possible to consolidate and sort orders corresponding to the same company, shipping route or external transport vehicle.

Orders are prepared before the lorry is loaded to cut wait times for outgoing warehouse goods.


Advantages for Natura Cosméticos

  • High storage capacity: Natura Cosméticos can store more than 18,000 pallets of 1,000 x 1,200 mm in pallet racks.
  • Logistics simplicity: the installed solution increases the speeds of operators moving inside the warehouse.
  • Full use of space: the Natura Cosméticos warehouse uses the available space intelligently, making the most of each square metre with operations that contribute to a higher installation throughput.

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