Storage capacity of more than 83,500 pallets in pallet racking at the distribution centre of the multinational Unilever in Brazil

Storage capacity of more than 83,500 pallets in pallet racking at the distribution centre of the multinational Unilever in Brazil

Unilever installs 152 m long pallet racks in its distribution centre in Brazil


Mecalux has equipped the Unilever warehouse in Brazil with both single and double-deep pallet racking, providing an 83,569 pallet storage capacity. With this solution, the company can meet its customers’ demand for products and enhance the growth rate achieved in Latin America.

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About Unilever

Unilever is a multinational manufacturer of consumer goods, primarily food, beverages, as well as home and personal care items. It is behind top brands such as Axe, Dove, Hellmann's, Rexona, Knorr Omo and Tressemé.

The company a has presence in over 190 countries. Unilever started doing business in Brazil in 1929 and, since then, has become the number one supplier of consumer goods in the country.

In recent years, the enterprise's success in Latin America has far outstripped what it has experienced internationally. To properly deal with this expansion, Unilever has built a huge 67,320 m2 distribution centre in the city of Pouso Alegre (Minas Gerais).


The Unilever warehouse

This new warehouse stands out for its operational efficiency and simplicity. It consists of Mecalux pallet racking, whose direct access to pallets provides major flexibility when managing merchandise and order preparation.

Due to centre's massive size, an underpass was opened that cuts across the racks to promote the flow of personnel, as well as to fulfill to need for an emergency exit.

A reception and dispatch zone was set up in front of the docks. The pallets of the same order or route are grouped on the floor, which expedites the subsequent loading of lorries.

Pallet racking
Mecalux supplied single and double-depth pallet racking that measures 11.4 m high and 152 m long, with five or six load levels.

In total, there is a storage capacity for 83,569 pallets of 1,000 x 1,200 mm. Single-depth racks were installed in the central part of the warehouse, designated to medium consumption products. On lower levels, picking is carried out directly from pallets, and reserve pallets are deposited in the upper levels.

Double-depth racks house high-turnover products. This system offers greater storage capacity than single-depth storage, without losing direct access to the pallets.

This solution features two pallets of the same SKU in each location (one behind the other).


Advantages for Unilever

  • High storage capacity: the pallet racks archive a storage capacity of 83,569 pallets.
  • Efficient service: warehouse operations stand out because of their straightforwardness. With direct access to any load unit, a business can easily manage its goods.
  • Streamlined picking: single-deep pallet racks are allocated to picking.
Unilever distribution centre in Brazil
Storage capacity: 83,569 pallets
Installation surface: 67,320 m²
Pallet sizes: 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. per pallet: 1,350 kg
Racking height: 11.4 m
Racking length: 152 m

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