The efficiently run frozen storage warehouse of Comag

The efficiently run frozen storage warehouse of Comag

Comag installs a solution to store frozen products


Comag has set up it frozen storage installation located in Mondovi (Italy) with two blocks of Movirack mobile pallet racking. This system ensures a storage capacity to house more than 2,000 pallets, without losing direct access to the merchandise.

Needs and solutions

Comag, a cold-storage logistics specialist, has its headquarters in Mondovi, Northern Italy. Its frozen storage chamber runs at a constant -25 ºC and, as such, this required a power-saving solution. Likewise, it would need a storage system that could provide the necessary capacity to house all its customers’ goods (mainly from the foods sector).

Taking all these issues into account, Mecalux supplied two blocks of 6.5 m high, 25 m long Movirack mobile pallet racks. Workers run forklifts that insert and extract pallets from their corresponding locations.


Basic features of mobile pallet racking

Movirack is a high-density storage system that cuts the number of aisles, but at the same time eases direct access to the SKUs once the working aisle opens. The racks are placed on mobile bases that slide laterally over rails when an operator commands the unit to move using a remote control.

This system is highly suited to cold-storage installation (refrigerated or, in this case, frozen), since energy consumption is reduced by better distribution of chilled air between a more substantial number of pallets. By doing so, it lowers the cost per pallet.

The system is equipped with several safety devices intended to protect the operators, as well as the goods stored there. The enabled internal and external sensors with photocells stop all activity when the operators work inside the aisles.

The twin blocks of racks have their own control cabinet, designed to run and process the different movement commands. Furthermore, the racks’ onboard cabinets and variable-frequency drives mean a smooth start-up and braking to extend the service life of the mechanical components that make up this system (wheels, motors, guides, etc.).

Paolo Canavese - Legal representative of Comag
“We are extremely pleased with our Mecalux Moviracks. These racks mean we have increased storage capacity and productivity. Plus, we use up less power to keep the warehouse at the -25 ºC it needs.”


Advantages for Comag

  • Bigger, better storage: the dual blocks of racks fully use the available space to provide a storage capacity for 2,134 pallets.
  • Quick off the mark: even though this is a compact system, the Movirack system gives direct access to the goods, resulting in faster management of the goods.
  • Power savings: the Movirack mobile pallet rack system makes the most of the chamber’s volume and, as such, the power consumption per stored pallet is lower.
Frozen storage installation
Storage capacity: 2,134 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 x 1,900 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 6.5 m
No. of mobile racks: 14

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