Euréquip, a French furniture maker, goes automated at its production centre

Euréquip, a French furniture maker, goes automated at its production centre

An automatic roller conveyor system in the Euréquip furniture making company moves raw materials between different manufacturing processes


Mecalux has installed a high-tech conveyor circuit in the production centre of Euréquip, a French furniture maker. It is arranged to move goods to and from the various processes that mould the wood panels used to manufacture furniture. This transport system provides speedy relocation of goods to the positions needed for each operation.

About Euréquip

Euréquip started out in France in 1986, and now employs more than 60 people who design and manufacture furniture. The raw materials utilised originate, for the most part, from within Europe.

Its production centre, located in the French hamlet of Lambres-lez-Douai, has the latest technology to attain top throughput and to provide quality customer service.


The solution: a conveyor circuit

Mecalux pallet conveyors link the distant points of the Euréquip production centre. These take goods to the different processing areas where the wood panels, subsequently used to build the pieces of furniture, are cut and shaped.

The circuit of roller conveyors runs at a speed of 20 m/min. Being fully automated, it requires minimal intervention by personnel, which eliminates mistakes stemming from manual management.

Along the circuit, two hydraulic tables raise the loads to an ergonomic position, so operators collect or insert the palletised panels with ease.

Furthermore, an installed transfer car slides along rails and connects four conveyor lines quickly. These conveyors either remove goods from the circuit, or move them to the next panel treatment process.

A robot run centre

The Euréquip centre is entirely automated, which assures a high-quality and efficiency in all production processes. A double axle robot is in charge of stacking panels on a pallet with finished edges.

Meanwhile, there are two anthropomorphic robots enabled. One of these introduces panels into the robotised work island for them to be drilled, while the other collects the drilled panels and piles them on a pallet. Next, these pallets flow toward the end of the circuit, where a worker picks them up and moves them to the warehouse.

A safe installation

To safeguard personnel and the goods from incidents, the zones that contain equipment in motion –conveyors, transfer cars and robots– are sheltered by means of metal enclosures, access doors and flashing safety devices.

Mecalux also has implemented the Galileo control module, tasked with instructing the stacker cranes to move and guaranteeing that these travel in a controlled and continuous manner.


Advantages for Euréquip

  • Maximum throughput: the conveyor circuit provides speedy goods transport toward the areas where production processes are carried out.
  • Safe operations: the full automation of the Euréquip centre assures the minimal intervention of operators and the efficient implementation of operations.
  • Comprehensive protection: zones with automated elements are protected to avoid incidents and the entry of non-authorised personnel.
Production centre of Euréquip
Conveyor height: 0.5 m
Travel speed: 20 m/min.

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