The new furniture warehouse of Dolmar increases its storage capacity

The new furniture warehouse of Dolmar increases its storage capacity

Pallet racks for the furniture manufacturer Dolmar


Mecalux has installed pallet racking in the new warehouse Dolmar owns and operates in Kepno (Poland). In addition to providing direct access to merchandise, which streamlines storage tasks, this system houses 6,445 large-sized pallets.

About Dolmar

Up and running since 1981, Dolmar is a Polish enterprise that makes and sells furniture, in particular beds, tables, chains and couches. Its modern, fresh approach to designing collections keeps the latest trends in home furnishing available to its customers.

The company asked Mecalux for a storage system able to hold a large quantity of over-sided palletised product to deal with the challenges associated with recent growth.


Pallet racking

Mecalux supplied 10 m high, 63 m long pallet racking. One of the main advantages of this system is its adaptability to any type of load, weight and volume variable. Racks are set up to store Dolmar’s sizeable goods.

Direct access to products speeds up the management of goods and order preparation. In addition, it guarantees perfect stock control, since each location is assigned to a single SKU.

Pallet trucks and order pickers

Pallet trucks are used in this warehouse to insert and extract pallets from their corresponding locations. The equipment’s forks adjust to handle the larger sized products.

Apart from that, operators work with high-reaching order pickers to retrieve items from upper levels. These have a platform that raises the operator to the desired level to collect the SKUs for each order.

Operators follow the instructions of a warehouse management software (WMS) via a radiofrequency device, which tells them which locations to visit.

Extra warehouse fulfilment processes are done using pallet trucks and counterbalanced forklifts.

Preloads area

Dolmar’s warehouse has an open space for preloading tasks right in front of the racks. There, orders are verified, and packaging, labelling and issuing of the required shipping documents take place.

Straightaway, pallets are grouped according to if they correspond to the same order or delivery route. By doing do, wait times are avoided for goods leaving the warehouse.


Advantages for Dolmar

  • High capacity: the warehouse pallet racks at Dolmar can house 6,445 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm.
  • Safety first: cameras attached to the forklifts facilitate the location and extraction of pallets from the highest racking levels.
  • Fast operations: pallet racking offers direct access to the deposited SKUs, which facilitates stock management and picking tasks.
The new warehouse Dolmar
Storage capacity: 6,445 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 3,000 kg
Racking height: 8.5 and 10 m
Racking length: 63 m

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