The logistics operator KMC-Services has equipped its warehouses with a pallet rack system

The logistics operator KMC-Services has equipped its warehouses with a pallet rack system

The pallet racks in KMC-Services warehouses provide a capacity to store more than 16,000 pallets

KMC Services: operador logístico

KMC-Services has equipped two warehouses in its logistics centre in Poland with a pallet rack system by Mecalux. Overall, the storage capacity holds more than 16,000 different sized and volume pallets. This solution guarantees swift goods management and perfect stock control.

About KMC-Services

KMC-Services is a Polish logistics operator that provides storage, transport, distribution and supply chain manage services to companies of different sizes and industrial sectors.

The business owns a logistics centre in the town of Modlniczka (in Southern Poland) with warehouses equipped with Mecalux pallet racks.


Pallet racking

Conventional pallet racking, capable of storing any type, weight or volume load, is perfectly suited to KMC-Services, since it accommodates its customers’ wide variety of pallets.

Moreover, direct access to all products provides streamlined storage and picking tasks. Perfect stock control is guaranteed, since each location is allocated to a single SKU.

Product is picked from a part of the lower racks, either directly from pallets, or boxes and small sized items off shelves. Operators move around the aisles collecting products that belong to each order, following the instructions of the installation's warehouse management system.

Handling equipment

Warehouse 1 is operated by reach trucks. These pieces of equipment are known as versatile, agile pallet handling machines. Aisles have been sized to facilitate the forklift manoeuvres and, moreover, because the operators pick items with order picking machines.

On the other hand, the aisles in warehouse 2 are narrower (1.8 m wide) and use trilateral forklifts. With this system, the surface area and height of the warehouse are fully utilised, achieving a higher storage capacity.

These machines operate exclusively inside the aisles, inserting and extracting pallets from their corresponding locations. To streamline workflows, other operators bring or take away merchandise from the aisle ends.

The machines run along guide wires, making it safe for them to circulate inside the aisles and preventing accidental damage to the rack structures. This system has a wire embedded into the floor that produces a magnetic field which the machine detects and uses as a guide.

Preloads area

In front of the loading docks, a broad ground-level preloads zone is enabled. Here, pallets are grouped from the same order or route to streamline loading into distribution lorries.


Advantages for KMC-Services

  • Maximum storage capacity: the pallet racks in both warehouses provide a capacity to store more than 16,000 pallets.
  • High throughput: the use of reach trucks and trilateral forklifts facilitates rack distribution, taking into account operations in the two warehouses.
  • Accessible goods: direct access to the goods speeds up stock management and the picking of orders
Pallet rack warehouse of KMC-Services in Poland
Storage capacity: +16,000 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 mm and 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 900 kg
Racking height: 7.5 m & 8.5 m

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