Qbox logistics: two high-capacity warehouses

Qbox logistics: two high-capacity warehouses

The pallet racking has a storage capacity of more than 29,500 pallets in the Qbox logistics centre


Mecalux has supplied the pallet rack system in two new warehouses Qbox has constructed in its Argentinian logistics centre. Overall, the combined storage capacity exceeds 29,500 pallets. The installed racks can accommodate products of various sizes and characteristics, and, moreover, are highly suited to picking items directly from pallets.

Qbox and its needs

This Argentinian logistics operator provides nationwide custom storage and transport services to customers. Recently, the business expanded its distribution network and, currently, also does business in Brazil and Uruguay.

Qbox requested Mecalux’s expert opinion to find the right storage solution for its two new warehouses in the town of Campana (province of Buenos Aires).

The company needed more space to deposit its customers’ products –mainly consumer goods manufacturers– and, also, a system that would speed up storage work.


Pallet racking

Mecalux has equipped the two warehouses with 11.5 m high, 83 m long conventional pallet racking. The direct access they provide to the goods helps to manage and control stock levels effectively.

It is a very versatile system, which adapts to any unit load type. This was just what Qbox needed, since its premises hold a large variety of its customers’ pallets, of different sizes and turnovers.

SKUs are stored in the corresponding locations based on their turnover ­(consumer products are placed at the front of the warehouse and those in less demand, at the rear). This distribution streamlines operator workflows and drives up the throughput of the installation.

In one part of the racks, product is picked straight off the pallets located on the lower levels. Upper levels hold reserve product, keeping goods ready and waiting.

The aisles have been sized for easy manoeuvring by forklifts. Reach trucks are employed to insert and extract pallets from their locations, and pallet trucks for picking tasks.


Reception and dispatches

In front of the loading docks, a ground-level preloads zone was enabled. There, pallets are readied for dispatch.

Consolidated goods accumulate in this area, grouped as per order or route. Later on, operators move the merchandise into the transport and distribution vehicles.


Advantages for Qbox

  • Large capacity: these pallet racks have a storage capacity of more than 29,500 pallets.
  • High performance: the distribution of the goods according to their characteristics and turnover increases the productivity of both warehouses.
  • Efficient picking: the direct access to the merchandise speeds up order prep straight off pallets housed in the lower levels of the racks.
Qbox logistics warehouses
Storage capacity: 29,568 pallets
Pallet size: 800 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,500 kg
Racking height: 11.5 m
Racking length: 83 m

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