Armazém Mateus runs a colossal logistics centre in Brazil

Armazém Mateus runs a colossal logistics centre in Brazil

Armazém Mateus’s giant storage capacity boasts 91,300 pallet positions

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Armazém Mateus equipped its Davinópolis (Brazil) distribution centre with pallet racks by Mecalux that, in all, provide a storage capacity of more than 91,300 pallets of different sizes and turnovers. This centre is designed to speed up picking and cater to the growing demand of their national customers.

About Armazém Mateus

Operational since 1990, Armazém Mateus is a Brazilian company that stores and distributes the goods of the Grupo Mateus, and the businesses it comprises. This group is a set of companies that specialised in wholesale, retail, electronics and pharmaceutical sales.

Pallet racking

Armazém Mateus has one of its biggest distribution centres in the town of Davinópolis (Brazil). It includes a building that stands out due to its huge dimensions (130 m long and 585 m wide).

It is composed of 104 aisles with single-depth racks on both sides. Aisles are 89 m long and 11 m high, with 7 storage levels.

This very versatile storage system is where pallets are deposited of variable weights and volumes, and a wide variety of SKUs.

Direct access provides high speeds when managing these pallets and picking orders. In addition, it guarantees perfect stock control, since each location is assigned to a single SKU.

Picking takes place on lower levels of the racks and reserve pallets are housed on the upper levels, which means product is always available.

Reach trucks are used to insert and extract pallets from their locations, while the ground-level order pickers are used to pick items.

Operators crisscross the warehouse locating the SKUs for each order, as instructed by the warehouse management software (WMS) via a radiofrequency device.

The centre is sectored because of its sizeable dimensions and its unusually high number of aisles. Each sector is allocated to a particular product type and has an assigned number of workers picking products.

Fire safety system

The distribution centre complies with the local fire safety regulations. In this sense, it has an efficient firefighting and detection system that includes smoke detectors, control devices and automatic fire sprinklers attached to the ceiling of the building.

Preloads area

The docks are located on the two opposite sides of the warehouse, to minimise the movements of operators and facilitate the receipt and dispatch of the goods.

A spacious reception, dispatch and preloads zone is enabled in front of the docks. Pallets from the same order or route are grouped together on the floor, expediting the subsequent loading of lorries.

Advantages for Armazém Mateus

  • Maximum storage capacity: Armazém Mateus’s giant storage capacity boasts 91,300 pallet positions, making it stand out as a distribution centre.
  • Efficient management: direct access quickens storage and picking tasks.
  • Warehouse safety: the centre meets local fire regulations by being equipped with firefighting and detection devices.
The distribution centre of Armazém Mateus
Storage capacity: 91,366 pallets
Pallet size: 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,250 kg
Racking height: 11 m
Racking length: 89 m

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