Shelving for picking in the spare parts warehouse for industrial vehicles

Shelving for picking in the spare parts warehouse for industrial vehicles

Shelving for picking makes it possible to store different sized and turnover products

Autosur de Levante

Autosur de Levante, a transmission repair shop for lorries and industrial vehicles, has fitted out its Barcelona storage installation with Mecalux picking shelves. This storage system gives direct access to products, speeding up the centre’s main operation, namely spare part picking.

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About Autosur de Levante

Founded in 1978, Autosur de Levante is a Spanish company who provides repair services for automatic and manual transmission in lorries, industrial vehicles and construction machinery. It carries around 100,000 different SKUs (mainly of ZF, VOITH and Allison) housed in its Aragon, Barcelona and Valencia warehouses. Moreover, it has an extensive distribution network to deliver products to its customers nationwide.

SKUs had to be organised based on their dimensions and demand in the company’s warehouse located in the Can Bernades Subirá industrial park, in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona). In addition, a speedy picking system was required that would guarantee delivery times and efficient customer service.

Shelving for picking

Mecalux analysed what Autosur de Levante needed and proposed setting up a manual hand-pick shelving system. The installation stands 2.5 m high and feature full access to products, which streamlines the picking of orders.

The racks include accessories and add-ons that make it possible to store all kinds of products, such as spare parts, containers and tools of all shapes and sizes. Similar products are kept in the same area.

Operators walk the aisles picking the products that comprise each order directly from the shelves. They follow an order grouping method, which consists of putting several orders together on the same trip. Replenishment is done when there are fewer orders to prepare.

Apart from that, a passageway crosses through the block of racks and lets operators move about freely while working.

Álvaro Nuévalos González - Manager at Autosur Catalonia
“These picking shelves have brought order to our installation, with faster storage, material picking and precise computerised records of product locations.”

Pallet racking

Along one side of the warehouse are some 6 m high pallets racks. These are set aside for bulky products, as well as reserve pallets with goods from the picking shelves.


Advantages for Autosur de Levante

  • Optimal goods management: direct access to the products is crucial to speeding up order picking.
  • An adaptable system: racks include accessories to sort products as per their characteristics and size.
  • A well-organised warehouse: the goods are distributed bearing their characteristics and turnover in mind to optimise the picking movements of the operators.
Autosur de Levante warehouse - Shelving for picking
Racking height: 2.5 m
Racking length: 19.5 m
No. of locations: 2,164

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