The warehouse of the 3PL company Logistic Net increases its capacity

The warehouse of the 3PL company Logistic Net increases its capacity

Racks with the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle System in Logistic Net’s 3PL warehouse

 Logistic Net

The logistics operator Logistic Net has fitted out its Bassano del Grappa (Italy) warehouse with high-density racking run by four Mecalux Pallet Shuttles, tasked with moving goods inside the storage channels. With this solution, this integrated 3PL specialist can store more than 3,000 pallets and control them via a control tablet.

Logistic Net: meet the company and its needs

Part of the BAS Group, Logistic Net provides skilled management, storage and handling of products for third-party customers. Opened in 2006, one of the main competitive edges of this logistics operator is its speed and efficiency in order prep, meeting the agreed-upon deadlines and delivery methods for customers.

With this in mind and in order to expand the capacity of company’s warehouse –located in the Veneto region– Logistic Net asked for Mecalux’s collaboration to install a storage-boosting system that would streamline the inflows and outflow of goods from the racks.


Pallet Shuttle system: speed and capacity

Mecalux set up a block of 9 m tall, high-density racks with four, 20 m deep levels that are operated by the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system. This solution is a perfect fit for logistics operators, like Logistic Net, that work with high pallet volumes per SKU and need fast-paced loading and unloading.

The semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle is a high-density storage system that provides smooth, simple operations. It requires little operator involvement, since it is the automatic shuttle that carries out the movements inside the racking channels.

To operate the device, the workers insert the Pallet Shuttle into the corresponding channel and set the pallet in the first racking position. Next, the motorised shuttle shifts it automatically to the first open location inside the channel. The reverse operation is performed to unload the goods.

The facility has reserve batteries so that operations are never interrupted. You can load a piece of equipment while the Pallet Shuttle continues to operate in the assigned channels. Batteries extracted from the shuttles are connected by just fitting them into the charging stations set up in the warehouse.

Matteo Vaccari - General Manager at Logistic Net
“We are putting our warehouse space to good use and really picking up the pace during order prep, because of this new storage system. Plus, our operators work safer, using intelligent tools to get things done day-in, day-out.”


Pallet Shuttles run from tablets

The workers send orders to the Pallet Shuttle via Wi-Fi connected tablets that carry out various functions like channel loading and unloading, stored pallet recounts, authorising shuttle users or locating these shuttles through an acoustic and light signal.

Each tablet can interact with any of the four shuttles working in the Logistic Net warehouse, as long as it meets standard operations procedures.


Advantages for Logistic Net

  • Top storage capacity: this 3PL operator can handle more than 3,000 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm that weigh 1,000 kg each.
  • Fully used space: an 840 m2 area is set aside for the racks. These eliminate extra aisles and maximise area usage.
  • Operational swiftness: the automatic Pallet Shuttle does all the in-channel movements quickly, meaning minimal operator intervention is required.
Logistic Net’s warehouse
Storage capacity: +3,000 pallets
Pallet sizes: 800 x 1,200 mm / 1,000 x 1,200 mm
Max. pallet weight: 1,000 kg
Racking height: 9 m
Channel depth: 20.4 m

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