Australia: Mecalux’s new market

25 Oct 2016

Mecalux is expanding into the Australian market via the Safer Storage Systems company. For the first time a Pallet Shuttle installation has been contracted in the construction sector and another Movirack system in the foods industry.

The Pallet Shuttle warehouse, with a 5,460 pallet capacity, will be composed of six blocks of 10.5 m tall high-density pallet racks, which work according to the FIFO system (first in, first out). The shuttle designed by Mecalux allows the transport of different sized pallets. Therefore, the customer can interchangeably use the pallet that best suits its storage needs. The maximum load weight capacity of each pallet will be 600 kg.

The Movirack warehouse will have four, 4 m high, mobile bases. These bases consist of three load levels each, where a total of 336 pallets are housed. When dealing with a customer who sells food products, it is expected that the installation runs at a controlled temperature of -2 ºC. The Movirack system is suitable for companies with cold storage, since it offers considerable savings in the energy consumption required to chill the installation.

With the construction of these two new warehouses, Australia is added to the list of more than 70 countries where Mecalux has implemented both automated and semi-automated motion solutions, reaffirming itself as one of the main companies within its sector world-wide.