Increased productivity in the Lala logistics centre in Mexico

28 Jun 2017

The Lala milk company asks Mecalux to supply four more stacker cranes for its logistics centre located in Aguascalientes (Mexico). Installation throughput will double because of the higher number of cycles and movements provided by this additional equipment.


In 2009, Mecalux built Lala's automated clad-rack warehouse, consisting of eight aisles with 16.5 m high double-depth racks on both sides, that offers a capacity for 22,950 pallets. Four stacker cranes were installed, tasked with moving the merchandise to their corresponding locations, changing aisles when necessary via a curved track.

In recent years, the company has increased sales due to its market expansion in Latin America. The installation of four more stacker cranes in its warehouse –one for each aisle– will allow a significant increase in incoming and outgoing movements.


Lala was founded in Mexico in 1950 and is dedicated to the production and commercialisation of dairy products and their derivatives. One the sector's most well-known companies in Mexico, it actively participates in its community and implements effective environmental management.