Logismarket reinforces its international presence with a new site in the Czech Republic

20 Oct 2007

Logismarket, the industrial directory from Mecalux, reinforces its international presence with a new site in the Czech Republic. With this new site there are 12 countries that have a dedicated online directory that facilitates contact between buyers and suppliers of industrial products. Logismarket offers more than 56,000 products from over 3,300 companies in its directory. Potential buyers, through Logismarket, can consult and compare products and services, as well as request online a personal quote through e-mail, from the supplier website, telephone or fax. The company receives all request directly.

Logismarket has made its bets on the Czech Republic because it a rapidly developing country with strong prospects of increasing its needs for capital goods. Around 150,000 companies are operating in the Czech Republic with revenues totalling near 120,000 million Euros. Almost 1/3 of the working population, approximately 1.3 million people, works in the industrial sector.

Logismarket, increasing of the visits to the directory
During 2006 Logismarket enjoyed more than 8.5 million visits (numbers audited by the OJD), a number that continues to increase. During the first half of 2007 Logismarket increased its visits by 21.8% compared to the same period in the previous year and it increased sales contacts for suppliers in the directory by 23%. Logismarket extends the sales areas for international and local companies to where their sales teams have limited reach and capacity, making new business opportunities possible and providing a larger brand awareness.

The Logismarket tour
Logismarket began in January 2001, in Spain, and from that moment it has followed the Mecalux international tradition. France and Portugal were the first European countries to open their own local sites, in October 2001. Some months later, in March 2002, the Italian web launched followed in September by the German local site and an English international version, www.logismarket.com.

In June 2004, the Benelux website was born and by the end of that year the local site for the United Kingdom launched as well. Finally, August 2006 saw the launch of three new directories: Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Finally, in October 2007, Logismarket releases its latest site, the Czech Republic.

Logismarket Addresses:

  • www.logismarket.es (Spain)
  • www.logismarket.pt (Portugal)
  • www.logismarket.fr (France)
  • www.logismarket.it (Italy)
  • www.logismarket.de (Germany)
  • www.logismarket.nl/be (Benelux)
  • www.logismarket.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • www.logismarket.at (Austria)
  • www.logismarket.ch (Swizerland)
  • www.logismarket.pl (Poland)
  • www.logismarket.cz (Czech Republic)