Best Practices 24: logistics efficiency in nine customer projects in different industries

01 Apr 2022

Did you know that the Global E-Commerce Outlook study, prepared by the US consulting firm CBRE, forecasts that over the next five years e-commerce will require an additional 138 million square metres of warehousing worldwide?

In issue 24 of our magazine Best Practices, we analyse how Mecalux’s logistics solutions have helped e-commerce companies to boost their business. In Poland, the Mecalux technical team has managed to increase the usable storage area by 300% for a leading global e-commerce company. In France, the fashion company Stand-Privé.com has achieved an agile and error-free operation using Mecalux’s logistics management software: the digitalisation of the warehouse has made it possible to control 100,000 SKUs in real time and dispatch 2,600 online orders per day. Likewise, as a result of Mecalux technology, Harcour e-commerce has reduced the time spent identifying and storing items by 65%.

The magazine also includes analytical articles on new trends in logistics. For example, Joakim Kembro, associate professor at Lund University, highlights in an interview how the new generation of automated systems with artificial intelligence is changing the ground rules in warehouses. In addition, Ludwik Wicki, Professor of Economics at the University of Warsaw, explains that a warehouse management system leads to a steady increase in productivity. Finally, Luca Urciuoli, Associate Professor at the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Programme, delves into how technology also allows to efficiently face the multiple challenges in supply chain management.

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