Mecalux develops the latest generation in warehouses for KH Lloreda

22 Nov 2010

Mecalux was the company commissioned with the task of setting up a new warehouse for KH Lloreda, one of the leading firms in high-volume professional cleaning products. This completely robotized facility entailed a total investment of nine million euros. For the management system, the company opted for EasyWMS® software, which has been entirely developed by Mecalux thanks to its broad experience in warehouse management and logistics. EasyWMS® combines product standardisation with the ability to easily adapt to all kinds of companies and their requirements, bringing them significant savings in respect to other systems at the same time it purports a high degree of versatility and adaptability. The software has already been implemented at over 350 companies and is an example of the technological commitment of the Mecalux Group.

The new warehouse permits a sizable improvement in efficiency and greater speed in servicing customers. The facility features a labelling system that uses radiofrequency (RFID) and a warehouse and transport system consisting of 3 stacker cranes and 76 conveyor units. Such a layout promotes the best product distribution possible.

EasyWMS®, far and away the sales leader in warehouse management software in Spain, was an initiative from the company’s Gijón Technology Centre and the Barcelona R+D Department. Since being launched in the 16 countries where the firm operates, the programme has been implemented on over 350 occasions.

The EasyWMS® software controls the flow of products in a warehouse in real time, providing excellent stock management and a permanent inventory, fundamental to any businesses strategy and for maintaining competitiveness. The product’s quality and technical standards are backed by leading companies, as Mecalux is an Oracle and Microsoft Gold Partner, as well being as a Certified Partner of SAP. These references afford the EasyWMS® warehouse management software a maximum guarantee of technical quality.

Facility surface area: 2,300 m2
Investment made: 2.5 million euros
Height of the facility: 21 m
Length: 100 m
Width: 22 m
Warehouse capacity: 7,000 pallets
No. of stacker cranes: 3
Conveyors: 76 units
Management/control systems: EasyWMS® and Mecalux Galileo.