Mecalux is building a cold store for Iberfresco that will allow it to keep its frozen products in a single space

14 May 2012

Mecalux, a leading company worldwide in the storage systems market, is building a new cold store for the company Iberfresco in the town of Olmedo (Valladolid). Covering a surface area of 3,000 m², this innovative building will make it possible for Iberfresco, a leading frozen vegetable packaging company in Castile and Leon and the fourth-ranked nationally, to bring most of its merchandise together in a single space. Until now, the company has kept 70% of its products in different warehouses owned by other companies, but with its new building, Iberfresco will be able to concentrate all its frozen products in its facilities in Olmedo.

The new storage area, equipped with two cold stores at a constant temperature of -24 ºC, will have 22 Movirack® mobile racks, with which the company will store up to 9,700 pallets weighing around 1,000 kg apiece. The racks will stand 11 metres high and will be approximately 38 metres long.

Mecalux’s Movirack system allows it to compress the space occupied by the merchandise and thereby increase storage capacity without losing direct access to each pallet. The racks are placed on mobile bases guided laterally thanks to motors and wheels. When the operator needs access to the stored goods, he gives the order to open it automatically, either manually or with remote control.

According to the head of the Mecalux office in Castile and Leon, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, “this system saves a significant amount of space by removing individual access corridors. It is a highly recommendable system for companies that need to increase their storage capacity without increasing its size, such as those that possess cold stores (for refrigeration or freezing) and need to take better advantage of the cold generation space”.


The company Iberfresco was created in 2003, when a group of investors in Castile and Leon acquired the Findus Group’s factory in Olmedo (Valladolid). This company, formed exclusively with Spanish capital, is the current leader in the frozen vegetable market in Castile and Leon and occupies the fourth place nationally. The company produces and markets more than 25,000 tonnes of frozen food, especially peas, flat green beans, potatoes and carrots.

At Olmedo, Iberfresco has 19,000 m² of facilities located on premises covering a surface area of 48,000 m². The vegetables that the company freezes and markets come from 3,500 hectares of irrigated cropland cultivated and controlled in continuous collaboration with 120 farmers. Iberfresco collects and processes all farm products with its own equipment, in accordance with principles of sustainable agriculture with low environmental impact.