Picking is a pivotal business practice at BMZ Poland

29 May 2017

Mecalux will equip the BMZ Poland warehouse in Gliwice (Poland) with a mezzanine and conveyor circuit that will move boxes of goods coming from the production plant.

The four-level mezzanine floor, each 660 m2, will provide 2,640 m2 of highly usable floor area. In the upper two floors, there will be shelves capable of storing several thousand boxes in two different sizes: 300 x 400 x 170 mm or 400 x 600 x 270 mm.

The conveyor circuit will be responsible for automatically moving the boxes with goods to the mezzanine, as well as empty boxes. The circuit is bidirectional, so that the boxes may be transported to any level of the mezzanine floor and vice versa.

The Mecalux Galileo software control, in permanent communication with the warehouse management system (WMS), will issue movement orders to each of the conveyor circuit modules to ensure proper operations.

BMZ Poland is one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacture of lithium-ion based, smart energy systems. The company has strengthened its leadership in a growing market by focusing itself on the needs of its customers and in developing innovative systems. With over 20 years of experience, BMZ Poland boasts a 2,000-strong client base and carries out nearly 250 new projects each year, playing a vital role in the design and manufacture of smart energy systems and energy storage in Europe. Currently, the BMZ group employs more than 1,800 personnel in Germany, Poland, the United States, China and France.