Rhodani: software intelligence meets improved logistics

02 Oct 2016

Rhodani, a company dedicated to the sale of sport fishing equipment, has reorganised the operations of its warehouse in Gijón. It has incorporated the intelligent warehouse management software by Mecalux aiming to maintain its growth rate, while reinforcing the online sale of its products.

The warehouse is set aside to supply all its shops in Spain, its product distributors and also to prepare orders for online sales.

In order to handle perspective company growth, Mecalux has equipped the installation with pallet racking, two vertical automated warehouses where small sized products are deposited and implemented the Mecalux Easy WMS warehouse management software to streamline all operations.

The software integrates and manages all the processes taking place in the warehouse, such as reception via RF terminals, the storage and replenishment of stock, order preparation by means of put-to-light devices and even loading dock assignments.