Easy S updated: the software that makes the difference in warehouse design and simulation

22 Sep 2016

Simulation is gaining strength within companies that sell warehouse management software (WMS). Mecalux started along this path in 2009, when they launched a visual tool to configure and simulate real warehouse workflows.

Thus Easy S came into being, a powerful app that allows WMS implementers to design, configure and simulate storage projects quickly and easily. This includes projects with automated systems, conveyor circuits or with operations via radio frequency, as well as their modifications.

As a complementary application of the Mecalux Easy WMS, Easy S became a pioneering tool in the configuration and 3D visual monitoring of logistical facilities. Its main distinguishing advantage is that it integrates into actual workflows. In addition, it offers an accurate diagnosis that streamlines and simplifies the implementation of any project launched in a warehouse aiming to automate.

With minimal elements and parameters, Easy S lets you design the installation that the customer plans to build, or redesign the one that they already own. Then, this configuration auto validates to be transferred to Easy WMS. Using the simulation, cycles, times and real problems are tested to anticipate the startup of the site. In this sense, the diagnostics that Easy S provides are key to commissioning an agile and effective deployment of any WMS project.

Handling elements, logistics stations, operators, equipment, containers and locations are displayed on the screen in a 3D layout. Their movement is dictated by real data from the simulated installation, loaded into the app in a large-scale, pre-planned manner. Deployment time is drastically reduced thanks to these load trials with Easy S. The customer receives complete statistics for the various parameters that come into play within their warehouse.

With the 2015 version, Easy S was upgraded to adapt to the new Easy WMS architecture. The further simplified simulation incorporates new elements such as, lightweight transport systems and LGV equipment.