State-of-the-art software

02 Jun 2007

Change, adaptation, flexibility and speed are terms which define a 21st century company. With this in mind, the new warehouse management software (WMS) of Mecalux was designed to make its programming more intuitive, visual and agile; while maintaining the demanding levels of efficiency and quality which it already enjoyed.

Now this new software can be implemented in warehouses much more quickly and so a client can make full use of its new storage centre in less time than ever. Moreover, the software improves the capacity to carry out modifications in plants which are already up and running, both in terms of their configuration and the speed of change –and so the impact on productivity is minimal-; all of this with greater guarantees that the modifications carried out will work correctly. It can safely be said that Mecalux‘s upgraded WMS is a veritable ally in the management of the facility.

TAU Cerámica understood this and became the first client to install the new software in its production plant in Castellón. This is a state-of-the-art automated facility equipped with three stacker cranes and a P&D station with four picking stations (adapted to the unusual nature the ceramics pieces handled). The prime features of the warehouse are completed with an automated baling and labelling system, and communication with the SAP system.
We should not ignore an important concept in its design: being supported by the best IT tools is the same as saying competitiveness and cost savings.

With this clear premise, our Software Development Centre (in operation since 2000 and at present located in the Gijón Technological Park) is one of the pillars of all this technological structure. The research and standard development of the WMS and control software products is carried out here in these premises. In addition, our clients are offered a service of remote maintenance; that is, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, giving users IT assistance in the event of possible incidents.