Tadim consolidates its leadership with a new automated warehouse in Turkey

12 Sep 2016

A pioneer in the production and packaging of pistachio nuts and dried fruits, the Turkish company hired Mecalux to construct a new automated warehouse. This installation can house more than 5,300 pallets, each 800 x 1,200 mm in size with a maximum pallet weight of 200 kg.

The warehouse, which is more than 23 m tall and 70 m long, will have three single-depth aisles where a single-mast stacker cranes circulates. The automation of storage processes will help to achieve inflows and outflows needed to meet high product demand. In addition, the Mecalux Easy WMS warehouse management software will be implemented to manage all operations and expedite the distribution of goods.

The Tadim company was founded in 1971 and currently has four production sites in Turkey and Germany, in addition to a sales network across Europe, Canada and the United States. It is a company with a long history of innovative manufacturing processes and operates with very strict standards to ensure the quality of their products.