New Ultracongelados Azarbe frozen storage features high-density semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system with a capacity for 17,790 pallets

21 Nov 2016

Mecalux will equip the warehouse that Ultracongelados Azarbe is building in its new production centre in the town of Santomera (Murcia). The high-density semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle system with two blocks of pallet racking and eleven shuttles will guarantee a constant flow of goods and the maximum throughput of the installation.

The frozen storage of 7,370 m2 will consist of two blocks of 14 m high pallet racking and very deep lane storage (44.4 m and 31.5 m). With this solution, the company will procure storage capacity for 8,085 pallets of 800 x 1,200 x 2,500 mm and 9,705 pallets of 1,000 x 1,200 x 2,500; which in total will add 17,790 pallets.

Con esta solución, la compañía obtendrá capacidad de almacenaje para 8.085 palets de 800 x 1.200 x 2.500 mm y 9.075 palets de 1.000 x 1.200 x 2.500; lo que en total sumará 17.790 palets.

There are eleven shuttles included in the provision. These shuttles run at a speed of 60 m/min, and will nimbly manage the inputs and outputs of the pallets. Using a tablet connected to a wireless network, operators will direct the operation of the shuttles. Each tablet can interact with any shuttle found within the warehouse, via a standard operating protocol.

Ultracongelados Azarbe is a company that is part of the Grupo Virto. The primary business activity of its production centre located in El Raal (Murcia) is the manufacture and distribution of frozen Mediterranean vegetables, as well as grilled vegetables (peppers, artichokes, courgettes, etc.). With the construction of a new centre in Santomera, the company will bolster the growth experienced in recent years.