Slotting - Easy WMS module

Warehouse Slotting Software module from Mecalux Software Solutions optimises picking times and eliminates mistakes from manual management

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Logistics has become a key component for many companies when it comes to meeting objectives.

As logistics centres store, prepare and distribute orders, their operations have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and business growth.

Of all the operations performed in the warehouse, picking is one of the costliest and most complex. And it must be done well for the business to run smoothly.

The optimisation of this task will make the difference between agile, accurate service and unstable operations with constant errors.

Mecalux knows perfectly well that optimal product location is crucial for efficient picking. To that end, Mecalux Software Solutions has developed a specific advanced functionality: Warehouse Slotting Software.

This new module, which rounds out the features of Mecalux’s Easy WMS, is charged with assigning the goods to the best location in the warehouse to increase operator throughput in order picking. The Slotting app manages SKUs and product units as opposed to the distribution of full pallets, a task already performed by Easy WMS. This solution is ideal for businesses that work with highly seasonal products and that want to optimise operator routes in the warehouse.

Optimal locations are determined by criteria set by the warehouse manager, as well as by the software's detailed analysis of future, current and historical demand for each product. As a result, the Warehouse Slotting Software module from Mecalux Software Solutions optimises picking times and eliminates mistakes from manual management.

This functionality works non-stop, continuously suggesting opportune changes to the distribution of products in the warehouse. If the warehouse manager accepts the changes recommended by the software, the new distribution tasks are automatically loaded onto each RF scanner.

Redistribution proposals can be applied to the entire warehouse or to smaller areas of interest. This module also works with buffer slotting, whereby an empty, fixed location temporarily stores goods that need to be relocated within the facility.

Thus, picking tasks aren’t interrupted while the changes are made.

This complementary software to Easy WMS offers users a number of extra benefits, such as: cost reductions, full inventory visibility, and pick path optimisation. These advantages can be quantified and enhance warehouse performance thanks to parameters such as slotting velocity and slotting cost per hour.


Mecalux has over 50 years of experience in the logistics sector. The thousands of projects it's implemented comprise innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market.