Double Pallet Shuttle: increased capacity and dynamic handling of goods

12 Jan 2017

Mecalux has created an innovative Pallet Shuttle capable of carrying two pallets at a time. It is an optimal solution in warehouses where there is a high movement of goods since it has a high response capacity when storing and managing products.

The role of the Pallet Shuttle is to move the load inside the channels up to the first free location where it deposits the pallet. Forklifts do not need to enter the lanes (preventing accidents and damage to the racks).

The double Pallet Shuttle can move two pallets with a maximum weight of 750 kg each. In warehouses where they are installed, forklifts must also handle two pallets at a time to bring loads to the entryways of each channel and to change the shuttle's position when necessary.

This product is the result of the commitment to research and development Mecalux has regarding new storage solutions. The Pallet Shuttle system offers great agility and has a high throughput to manage a large volume of pallets per SKU.