Logismarket solidifies its commercial strength during the first semester of the year

28 Sep 2007

Logismarket, the Industrial Directory from Mecalux, received 5,467,948 visits during the first half of 2007 (European data controlled by OJD) and generated 969,177 direct sales leads between companies that need logistics, storage, packaging and industrial equipment, products and services, and suppliers. These numbers represent a 21.8% increase in visits to the portal and a 23% increase in generated sales leads compared with the same period last year. These results demonstrate Logismarket’s continued ability to strengthen its capacity to connect professional buyers and decision makers with over 3,100 suppliers that offer more than 53,000 products and services available in one of the biggest international industrial directories.

In the first six months of the year, May was the most active month in the portal’s existence, surpassing the record number of one million visits, specifically 1,080,332, 28.9% more compared with the same month of 2006. Additionally, that month there were 191,343 sales leads generated, representing a 32% increase compared with May 2006. This upward trend continues through the beginning of the second half of 2007; in July the generated sales leads were 159,862, 29% more than the same month of the previous year.

Logismarket solidifies its commercial strength and it eases the contact between companies and dealers of products like trucks, industrial vehicles, containers, conveying systems, automation equipment, packaging, transport, industrial equipment, software, labelling, personal protective equipment and different kind of industrial services. Potential buyers, through Logismarket, can find and compare products and services from different suppliers.

For suppliers, Logismarket facilitates market entry and lowers their cost of sales.
Logismarket’s success is mainly due to the fact that it allows international and local suppliers to sell in places where its sales team cannot easily cover.

Moreover, it has specific sites for Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Benelux, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Poland.

Furthermore, Logismarket publishes a printed catalogue, in each country, with 250,000 copies distributed all across Europe. In addition to the catalogue, the group has launched a bimonthly magazine, Logismarket, in Spain -- a publication for industry and logistics professionals with articles covering technology, manufacturing, raw materials, legislation,…

How it works
Logismarket has over 53,000 products classified by categories. Potential buyers search the portal for products or companies. Navigating by company, the user will find a complete file about the company, with contact details and their product list.

Navigating by product and service, the user will find detailed and technical information for the product including a picture, model data and the user can apply for an online personalized quotation through an e-mail, the website, telephone or fax. The company will directly receive the corresponding request for quotation directly.

For suppliers, Logismarket allows new business opportunities and wider brand recognition. Suppliers reinforce and complement their sales team without any physical limitations and they attract potential buyers to their website. The information sent by Logismarket is transparent, so it is possible to check the evolution of the visits to their company and product information pages, the links made from the portal and the contact made via e-mail, telephone or fax.

Logismarket addresses:

  • www.logismarket.es (Spain)
  • www.logismarket.pt (Portugal)
  • www.logismarket.fr (France)
  • www.logismarket.it (Italy)
  • www.logismarket.de (Germany)
  • www.logismarket.be (Benelux)
  • www.logismarket.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • www.logismarket.at (Austria)
  • www.logismarket.ch (Switzerland)
  • www.logismarket.pl (Poland)

    LOGISMARKET is an industrial directory that acts as a meeting point between companies in the logistic, storage, packaging and industrial equipment sectors, and those with needs of any kind of product or industrial service. Logismarket was created by Mecalux and it was integrated to the Group in 2005 with the aim of optimising its management. From its beginning Logismarket has been example of the Mecalux’s Group belief in the capacity of new technologies to generate business and transform the industrial and logistics market.

    LOGISMARKET is a part of Mecalux, one of the world wide leaders in global storage solutions. Its main activity is the design, manufacturing, sales and services related to metal shelving, automated warehouses, and other storage solutions. With the purchasing of TKINSA (the ThyssenKrupp division of Warehouses Automation) and Esmena, the Mecalux Group has 8 factories in 6 countries, direct sales presence in 16 countries, 3,000 professionals and revenues of 531,1 M Euros in 2006. Mecalux holds a very strategic position in the development of automated warehouse technology and its implantation in all the markets where it operates. www.mecalux.com.