Mecalux and ArcelorMittal: leadership through innovation

02 Sep 2016

The logistics industry is constantly evolving, for this reason innovation is essential to progress and market competitiveness. In order to stay at the forefront internationally, Mecalux is firmly dedicated to investigating, analysing and developing new solutions, never losing sight of its commitment to the environment and sustainability.

At Mecalux it is essential to gain a broad knowledge not only of their own systems and processes, but also of the improvements developed by suppliers. Their own products are subsequently perfected by applying what is ascertained. In this way, the company is continuously progressing, as is key in the present internationalised business climate.

Taking advantage of the synergies between Mecalux and ArcelorMittal, both companies work together in the development of new profiles. The aim is to optimise the current range of products, and manufacture new materials with greater weldable capacity and high quality finishes.

About ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is the top steel manufacturer and miner in the world, with a heavy presence in the automotive industry and in construction. The company has a central headquarters in Luxembourg and delegations in more than 60 countries.