Best Practices: logistics efficiency in 12 customer projects

01 Jun 2021

Welcome to the 21st edition of Best Practices magazine, featuring 12 case studies of businesses that have boosted their supply-chain efficiency and competitiveness thanks to Mecalux’s personalized storage systems.

Inside, you will discover how Groupe Lorca was able to accommodate all its SKUs occupying 80% less surface area by automating its facility. You will also find out how Aghasa Turis has tripled its storage capacity and increased the orders it prepares by 27% with a comprehensive logistics solution. Additionally, you will see how Hacienda la Albuera has grown by 85% since it installed an automated warehouse that operates at two different temperatures.

This issue also includes projects of customers that have streamlined operations in their facilities with the Easy WMS warehouse management system. This is the case of Spain’s Motos Bordoy, which can now manage 160% more SKUs. Also illustrating this is Yamazen in the US, which now has an optimized supply chain with total product traceability.

Likewise, you can read all about new projects we are working on throughout the world. Finally, our featured article is devoted to the Marketplaces & Ecommerce Platforms Integration module, an extension of Easy WMS that is ideal for companies that sell their products via one or more online channels.



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