Mecalux collaborates with Congelados de Navarra in their growth process

20 Sep 2016

Congelados de Navarra is a company that was founded in 1998. They have managed to position themselves within the top 10 frozen vegetable producers in Europe. Since their launch, Mecalux has always carried out their expansion projects, bringing expertise and experience to the table and finding the best logistics solutions for their needs.

This collaboration began in 1999, when Congelados de Navarra established its production centre in the town of Arguedas.

The company wished to attain maximum benefits from the advantages of automation, so they commissioned Mecalux to construct their first clad-rack warehouse and, subsequently, in 2003, a new large capacity, cold storage unit.

In 2008, the company set up their second manufacturing centre in Fustiñana, with a view to strengthen the growth rate obtained to date. Mecalux installed an automated cold storage capable of storing more than 27,000 pallets.

They also provided handling equipment that connects to the production areas (see phase 1 in the photo). In 2010, this cold storage was expanded with a new warehouse for more than 36,000 pallets (phase 2). Both facilities are clad-rack, and measure 35 m high and work at a constant temperature of -21 ºC.

Currently, Congelados de Navarra is building a freezing tunnel and a new packaging and mixtures zone (phase 3).

They contracted Mecalux to supply the internal handling equipment that will connect these new areas with the rest of the sections, including the warehouses. The 150,000 m² plot and the current distributions of the different areas are set up for future growth.