Mecalux installs its latest warehouse technology for the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary (ISLD)

22 Nov 2010

Mecalux has put the finishing touches on setting up a new automated warehouse for the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary at its logistics centre in Boise (Idaho). The agency, which has a monopoly on the sale of all beverages with over 16% alcohol content, has invested 2.5 million euros in its new warehouse, which will mean a significant improvement in its distribution capacity. The dispensary reinvests its profits in social programmes around the state where it does business. The facility has capacity for 2,640 pallets and can handle 92 outgoing pallets and another 92 incoming ones per hour, all under 15-metre ceilings in a space measuring 48 metres long and 23 metres wide. What is more, there are 100 conveyor units and three stacker cranes.

EasyWMS® Installation, improving efficiency
The warehouse management system uses EasyWMS®, which has been entirely developed by Mecalux. Although conceived as a standard product, it has the capacity to easily adapt to all types of companies. The installation of this software obtains an overall improvement in warehouse efficiency by at least 50%. The EasyWMS® software controls the flow of products in a warehouse in real time, providing excellent stock management and a permanent inventory, fundamental to any businesses strategy and for maintaining competitiveness. The product’s quality and technical standards are backed by leading companies, as Mecalux is an Oracle and Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as a Certified Partner of SAP. These references afford the EasyWMS® warehouse management software a maximum guarantee of technical quality.

Mecalux, committed to growth in the USA
Mecalux continues to increase its sales margin in the American market. In 2009, the company notched 15% growth in the NAFTA area, rising from 88 million euros to 100 million euros, plus a substantial increase in orders by 51%. In addition to sales in Mercosur, Mecalux’s total sales figure reached 402 million euros to represent a 37% increase, a percentage the company aims to increase even further. The company’s commitment to new technology is key, as more and more businesses are becoming aware that efficient logistics management converts into a competitive advantage in terms of saving costs and time in the international marketplace, not to mention an improvement in customer service.

Height of the facility: 15 m
Length: 48 m
Width: 23 m
Warehouse capacity: 2,640 pallets
Performance: 92 incoming and outgoing pallets per hour.
No. of stacker cranes: 3
Load unit: 1016 x 1220 x 1900 mm pallets and up to 1,400 kg
Conveyors: 100 units
Management system: EasyWMS®