Mecalux introduces important innovations in the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle compact storage system

27 Oct 2015

As one of the leading storage solution companies for over 50 years, Mecalux invests significant resources in developing new products and continuously improving those that are already in its catalogue. Mecalux incorporates the latest technological innovations to offer ever higher throughput.

One of the solutions that has evolved the most is the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle, a compact system that uses an electric shuttle instead of forklifts for handling pallets inside storage channels (which can be up to 40 m deep), considerably reducing manoeuvring times and helping to optimise storage processes in all types of businesses.

Semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle: greater capacity, speed and efficiency

Among the innovations included we can highlight the adoption of WiFi technology, which multiplies the system’s performance. The operator of the forklift truck sends storage and extraction orders to the shuttle using a WiFi enabled tablet with a very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.

Key differentiating features:

  • Continuous or partial depositing and extraction of pallets.
  • Inventory function.
  • High speed: 90 m/min without load and 2-second lift time.
  • Lithium batteries that last up to 10 hours, with a quick connection battery compartment that does away with the need for cables.
  • Pallet-type selector (the shuttle admits different measurements).
  • LIFO/FIFO configuration to select the load management strategy.
  • Positioning camera that helps the operator centre the shuttle on the rails (optional).
  • Safety scanner: monitors access to the tracks while the shuttle is operational (optional).
  • Additional locking system which better fastens the electric shuttle to the forks of the forklift.
  • Compatibility with the Warehouse Management Software (WMS) used by the customer, such as Mecalux Easy WMS.
  • The lifting platform allows for pallets with buckling of up to 25 mm.

The result is a new generation of Pallet Shuttle, which takes advantage of new technologies to enhance the performance and profitability of the warehouse. It is an ideal solution for companies with a high volume of pallets per item and intensive loading and unloading activity.

More information on the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle

See demonstration video

New Pallet Shuttle

Mecalux: continuous innovation

Mecalux’s business consists of designing, manufacturing, marketing and providing services related to metal shelving, automated warehouses, warehouse management software and intralogistics solutions in general.

With 7 technological centres, 11 production plants across Europe and North and South America and sales in more than 70 countries, the company’s growth is based on its clear commitment to continuous innovation and its offer of a comprehensive service that gets the best performance out of every warehouse.

Mecalux devotes significant resources to its engineering and R&D&I departments, This enables us to remain at the cutting edge of technology in the development of new products and advanced warehouse solutions.