Mecalux Easy WMS: non-traditional market expansion

18 Sep 2016

The digital transformation experienced by Mecalux’s Easy WMS has facilitated its implementation in new markets. In recent years, it has been successfully installed in Central America, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

The R&D team at Mecalux Software Solutions has launched a newly updated Easy WMS that allows cloud-based installations without the need for physical servers. This service provides single-click access to information from anywhere in the world, and streamlines tech support services.

The WMS has a significant presence in countries where Mecalux maintains a strong business network, as it does within Germany, France and Spain. With the collaboration of companies such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle, the software has managed to cross sales borders and proliferate in countries like Guatemala, Morocco and Serbia.

Easy WMS is characterised by its constant evolution, which enables its clients to grow and tackle new challenges or unexplored business projects. Easy WMS is a powerful management software developed by Mecalux that controls and optimises all movements and operations that take place within a warehouse. It offers an extensive range of functions, and intervenes in all installation areas and processes. These include reception, storage, and stock control, as well as the preparation of orders, and the dispatch and management of the transport system.