A fresh coat of paint for a growing supply chain

27 Apr 2021

Pinturas Lepanto will completely revamp its supply chain by replacing its old pallet racks with new taller ones and installing Easy WMS, the warehouse management system from Mecalux, at its facility in Binéfar (north-east Spain). With this software, this decorative paint manufacturer aims to gain stricter control of its product traceability and optimise all its processes, especially order preparation.

Pinturas Lepanto's installation with pallet racks and Easy WMS

Easy WMS, permanently connected to Pinturas Lepanto’s own proprietary ERP system, will know the exact location of the products in real time. To achieve this, it will assign a location to the items as they arrive at production based on their SKU, demand level and size.

Meanwhile, it will send precise instructions to operators on how to prepare the orders. The employees will travel around the 4,500 m2 of surface area collecting the SKUs that make up each order and placing them on pallets while taking into account their size. That is, the larger paint containers (generally around 15 or 25 litres) are deposited first, with smaller ones (normally weighing 75 centilitres or 1 litre) placed on top. By following instructions from Easy WMS, operators take the shortest route, preparing more orders in less time and without mistakes.

Lastly, the company will swap its former racking for new taller pallet racks (8.5 m high) to accommodate a larger number of products: up to 1,170 pallets. The direct access these racks offer will make it possible to insert and remove products from their locations quickly.

With the installation of Mecalux’s Easy WMS, our goal is to increase warehouse productivity and reduce picking times and errors. All of this will allow us to meet two of our customers’ demands: speed and security in product deliveries. Plus, by better controlling safety stock and optimising all our operations, our employee’s working conditions will improve, and we’ll continue to provide the excellent service for which we’re known.

Alfonso Ruiz Baró, General Manager at Pinturas Lepanto

The key to success: satisfied customers

Founded in 1965, Pinturas Lepanto is a family business dedicated to manufacturing and marketing decorative paints for all types of surfaces. Its priority consists of satisfying its customers’ needs, and to do so, it ensures the raw materials it works with are of the utmost quality. In addition, it boasts a laboratory where it researches new, efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions.