Sabarot: automated warehouse for managing cereals, pulses and mushrooms

26 Apr 2021

Sabarot, a French company dedicated to the production and distribution of grains, pulses and mushrooms, will automate the supply-chain processes at its centre in Chaspuzac (France) with an automated warehouse for pallets. This facility will be supervised and controlled by the Easy WMS warehouse management system from Mecalux.

Sabarot's automated warehouse in France with capacity for 6,376 pallets

The new installation, with capacity for 6,376 pallets on 21.5-metre-tall double-deep pallet racks, will be tasked with storing finished goods from the production line. A stacker crane will operate in each aisle, measuring 92 metres long. These machines will be equipped with a telescopic fork to handle two pallets simultaneously.

A conveyor circuit will connect the warehouse with production, moving the pallets from the automated installation to the order prep and dispatch area. Four live preload channels will be set up in the docking area. Each channel will be able to accumulate up to 17 pallets per hour by means of gravity.

The new automated warehouse will provide Sabarot with a more efficient and productive logistics system for enhancing its growth prospects, as it already has enough space for future expansion.

A few years ago, Mecalux equipped this same centre with a freezer store with Movirack mobile pallet racking as well as adjustable pallet racks. This solution houses finished products at a constant temperature of -20 ºC.

For the past ten years, we’ve been dealing with strong growth, contracting external storage facilities. With this new installation, we’ll be able to concentrate all our products under one roof, allowing us to improve management and reduce our inventory levels. In addition, automating operations will help us to improve our throughput and supply-chain efficiency while greatly simplifying order prep.

Thomas Morin, Industrial Manager at Sabarot

200 years of experience

Since 1819, family business Sabarot has been producing a wide range of pulses, cereals and seeds. Besides its star product, Puy lentils, it also specialises in mushrooms and escargots. The company selects the best quality goods, promoting its associated producers through channels that guarantee the origin and quality of each harvest.