Stainless steel conveyors for harsh or wet environments

02 Jan 2017

Automatic conveyors are a crucial solution in a very high number of warehouses and production areas. Its main function is to transport the goods between different parts of the warehouse, those in production or to connect both.

To this end, Mecalux has developed a new conveyor model made of a very corrosion resistant stainless steel. This product is especially suitable for wet areas, for example in food production zones, harsh environments, or those that require cleaning with water or disinfectant products.

All electrical and electronic elements incorporated into the conveyors, such as sensors or motors, are protected with the appropriate IP protection degree for such facilities.

These conveyors fulfil the needs in the production and packaging areas within many industries, in particular with food items. They also ensure maximum productivity and throughput, as well as a high degree of safety for operators and the goods.

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