Sweet times at Wawel with chocolate to be stored in Mecalux racking

27 Feb 2017



Wawel, a Polish company dedicated to the production of chocolate and sweets, will install pallet racking and live racks by Mecalux in its Dobczyce production plant that will allow it to accommodate more than 9,000 pallets.



The block of live racking, which occupies approximately 960 m2, has a storage capacity of about 4,000 pallets of 800 x 1,200 mm and a maximum pallet weight of 700 kg. The 9 m high racks have five load levels to deep store up to 28 pallets per level. This high-density storage system multiplies the throughput of the space and ensures optimal turnover of stored products thanks to the FIFO system (First in, First out), ideal for working with foodstuffs.

The pallet racking, also 9 m high, contains six load levels and can store approximately 5,000 pallets. With this tailor-made solution, Wawel takes full advantage of the available space to manage and organise a large number of load units safely.

The company, which opened in 1899 as a sweets company, offers a broad range of products: bonbons, chocolate bars, sweets, caramels, etc. With over 100 years of experience, Wawel has become a benchmark in the sector thanks to their dedication and passion for chocolate.