The Mecalux Technological Centre in Gijon, Spain has doubled its workforce to meet the needs of the international market

02 Nov 2010

Mecalux has increased its team of professionals at its R+D centre in Gijon which now has over seventy programmers. The company hopes to increase its workforce to one hundred employees in the coming year. In addition to the twenty-three million euros already invested since the centre’s inception in 2006, to expand and modernise the plant and create a supply centre to cope with demand from all the European branches, the Asturian plant requires an annual investment of two million euros.

The centre in Gijon implements the EasyWMS® throughout the world
The Technological Centre in Gijon and the R+D department located in Barcelona are the force behind EasyWMS® software, the undisputed European leader in warehouse management software sales. The company operates in sixteen countries and since the software’s launch has installed over three hundred and fifty systems, a figure that Mecalux aims to increase. The centre supplies storage software needs in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Israel, the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The EasyWMS® software controls the flow of products in a warehouse in real time, providing excellent stock management and a permanent inventory, fundamental to any businesses strategy and for maintaining competitiveness. The product’s quality and technical standards are backed by leading companies, as Mecalux is an Oracle and Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as a Certified Partner of SAP. These references afford the EasyWMS® warehouse management software a maximum guarantee of technical quality.

Other products developed at the Gijon Centre: EasyMonitor®.
The EasyMonitor® monitors the condition of services in an installation in real time and remotely. This monitor software linked to the hardware means that the client can view the condition of their services twenty-four hours a day, safely and remotely. The software is fitted with an alarm system that informs the telemaintenance team of any irregular situation that occurs.

Telemaintenance service
All Mecalux software users can take advantage of the twenty-four hour, 7-day a week Telemaintenance Service for use in automated warehouses as well as those operated by radio frequency provided by the Technological Centre in Gijon. The telemaintenance service is available worldwide and is offered in Spanish, English and French.

Companies already using the system
Hidro Tarraco (hydraulics sector), KH Lloreda (cleaning) Tour Line (messenger company), Lilly (pharmaceutical), Aigües Ter Llobregat, Dreivip (on-line sales), Porcelanosa (ceramics sector), Quimidroga (chemical product distribution), Autoequip (automotive sector) and Becton Dickinson, (medical technology) are just some of the three hundred and fifty companies that have already placed their trust in the EasyWMS® software to optimise the storage management of their products.